STAND UP for West PH Sea


Prayer + People = Power.


Various Filipino groups all over the world, led by the FIL-AM group, US PINOYS FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE (USPGG) with Chair, Loida Nicolas Lewis and Spokesman, Atty. Ted Laguatan, hosted a Press Conference on Saturday, July 14th in Makati City. Their purpose? To continue the Philippines’ fight against the government of China’s intrusion over Scarborough Shoal (Panatag Shoal) and the West Philippine Sea.

Loida Nicolas Lewis and Ted Laguatan are appealing to every one, every Filipino, all over the world to show their support for Scarborough Shoal and the West Philippine sea, by doing the following:

  1. Join the Global Prayer Iniative on August 21 (Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino’s death) as a Global Day of Prayer for Peace in Scarborough Shoal and the West Philippine Sea.
  2. Join the Boycott “Made in China” Goods initiative, by not buying goods with “Made in China” on their labels, and telling your friends to do the same.

Among those who have expressed support for the Day of Prayer are:

– Archbishop Jose Palma, head of Catholic Bishops Council of the Philippines (CBCP), in a phone call with Mrs. Loida Lewis, expressed support for the Day of Prayer;

– Bishop Arturo Bastes, from the Archdiocese of Sorsogon;

– Bishop Dan Balais, national director of Intercessors For the Philippines, and chairman of Philippines for Jesus Movement, supports the Global Prayer Initiative on August 2lst for God’s protection of the Philippines over the West Philippine Sea territorial dispute with China.

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For more details, you may also contact:
Liza R. Soriano (Administrative Assistant to USPGG) – lizabangash at | 0947 329 3274
899.7939/7886 or Atty. Ted Laguatanlaguatanlaw at

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